Where do you fall on the spectrum of

"I'd like run my own HighLevel + GroupTrack Agency"?

Huzzuh! You're interested in starting or improving your own HighLevel Agency to support your clients!

We help agencies get their systems set up the right way from Day 1 and put supports in place so your clients can jump in and start using your platform right away!

Our Agency Build-out Package is for agencies who want their clients to use their own branded HighLevel account and need help with the best way to integrate social selling.

  • Their clients are struggling to navigate the platform and they want to provide more value through a remarkable customer experience.

  • They are feeling overwhelmed with trying to onboard their clients and have no support docs in place.

  • Either they're more comfortable with people or their more comfortable with tech...and to run an agency successfully, you've got to have both!

  • Their clients feel overwhelmed and don't use the platform...and ultimately cancel.

  • They have no clear plan on how to provide tech support when things break or their users have questions.

  • They want to customize their menus and branding inside the platform to provide a better experience for their clients but don't know how.

  • Learn from our mistakes and get expert guidance on what to do and NOT do when getting started

  • Get access to our essential snapshots for your clients to set them up for success

  • Use our exclusive fully automated onboarding funnel for smooth & easy setup for every client

  • We help build out and brand your HighLevel app to your specifications

  • We set up your Marketplace where you can advertise free and paid content to your clients - and provide you with two snapshots to get you started (Book a Call, Email Marketing Foundations)

  • We help map out and integrate our social media engagement automation tool to maximize your reach on social media and provide the ability to bundle this tool with your offer to your clients to create more value or use as an add-on to provide an additional income stream for your agency.

  • We meet with you at several checkpoints both before and after launch to ensure everything is working as it should

  • We set up a dedicated Slack channel for easy communication between your team and ours

  • Optional add-on support packages (live chat, ticketing, group Q&A calls)

You already know running your own agency is just not in the cards for you...

...and you have clients and know they need HighLevel in their lives to manage their businesses effectively... may even know exactly what funnels & automations they need to really be successful in your niche...

...but, MAN, the thought of doing all the tech support, helping them learn the system, managing all the bolt-ons, answering questions about how to do all the tech things just makes you want to crawl under the covers and hide.


Become a Brand Partner!

This is for people like you who work with clients who need a system in place, but you have no interest in managing your own platform.

  • Their clients need a single platform to manage all their business tasks but are currently piecemealing different tech.

  • They want to set their clients up for success but don't have the tech skills to support them.

  • They want to offer a done-for-you templatized system for their clients to implement in their own businesses but don't know where to start.

  • Their clients feel overwhelmed by tech and aren't making progress in their businesses.

  • We can help you build out a full snapshot in Nerdly with your own customized content to offer to your clients

  • Your clients go through our exclusive fully automated onboarding funnel for smooth & easy setup of their Nerdly accounts

  • We handle all the tech support via tickets and live chat

  • We provide weekly Q&A calls to teach people how to use Nerdly & GroupTrack (our social CRM for lead generation)

  • Your clients get access to our Marketplace full of additional content

  • We help your clients with GroupTrack set up their integrations

  • You get to stay in your sweet spot and know that your clients are fully supported along the way!

You've already got your HighLevel SaaS agency up and running... have clients and have built out content to support them...

...but you know there are things that could be tweaked, outsourced, or automated to make your client journey more successful.

  • Onboarding takes significant time to ensure their clients are set up for success.

  • Not onboarding clients properly means they spend a ton more time fielding questions and support tickets which takes away from the time they have to grow their business

  • Their clients need a space they can show up and ask questions and they don't have the time or knowledge (if they're just starting out) to effectively answer their questions

  • Their clients feel overwhelmed by the level of tech that HighLevel presents and aren't making progress in their businesses.

Check out our bolt-on services that can help you point your clients towards success from Day 1!

  • Fully automated onboarding experience complete with videos and written walk-throughs to ensure your clients' accounts are completely set up

  • Weekly tech support Q&A call where your clients can hop in and have space to get their questions answered about HighLevel

  • Set your clients up for success from the beginning with our customizeable Quick Wins email series

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